Tuesday 14 June 2016

Another Successful Maple Syrup Season

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Another Successful Maple Syrup Season

  The 2016 maple syrup season and Open House/ Swap Meet has come to a sweet conclusion. We wish to thank everyone who helped to make the Open House an interesting and informative event. Steve Beddard, the Lapierre  rep, had a   great presentation on Tubing Systems and Reverse Osmosis. The Baker Barn rep, Mervin  Brubaker, had a building on display and answered questions. Also present were reps from the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Association, and  the TNT/Wes Fab company.

  The winner of the Lapierre Gift Certificate is Miriam Durkey. The winners of the Maple Hollow Gift Certificates are Shawn Zeinert, Marion Buntrock, Gary Leonard, Darlene Svacina, and Tom Erdman.  

   Thank You to all of the loyal customers that made this a successful season.