Thursday 17 October 2013

The Road to Maple Hollow
Beautiful Trees Make the Finest Gourmet Maple Syrup

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The Road to Maple Hollow

When I commute to work in the morning I am truly blessed.  For 30 years I lived in Los Angeles and would have to drive various distances to get to work or visit clients. I was one of hundreds of thousands of commuters who congest the greater LA roadways day or night.  To find the rare moments of low stress and beautiful surroundings we would have to travel an hour to leave the city.  That all changed when we found Maple Hollow.

I now live 6 miles from Maple Hollow.  During my drive to work I may cross paths with one or two other drivers.  Most of my traffic comes from the wild turkeys, deer and other wildlife that cross my road as they go about their daily business. During the fall at Maple Hollow it is the road that delivers a spectacular panoramic best appreciated with the morning light.  Only such beautiful trees could produce the finest pure gourmet maple syrup.